frequently asked questions

How do I get a check endorsed?

For Insurance Check Endorsements on amounts under $10,000.00 during the Interim Servicing phase (From Closing until 09/01/2021), you can forward the check to corporate Wyndham to be signed and returned. You will need to include a copy of the repair estimate, and verification from the contractor of the job start and completion date (i.e. initial inspection/project status) along with the check. These documents may be enclosed in the same envelope or sent via email to Please reference either your Wyndham Capital Loan #, Property Address, or First and Last name as detailed on your origination’s documents.

To forward the claims checks to us, you may use the following mailing address for endorsements:

Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Inc.
Attn: Accounting – Claims Check Endorsements
4064 Colony Road, 2 Morrocroft Ln Floor 2
Charlotte, NC 28211

In the event the amount of the check exceeds $10,000.00, the check will need to be re-issued in the name of the new servicer to be endorsed and disbursed in accordance with their servicing guidelines. In the event the loan has been sold, acquired, or Service Released the check will also need to be re-issued in the name of the new servicer and the Mortgagee Clause will need to be updated on your policy. The insurance provider will then need to void and reissue the check in the name of the new servicer. You can then forward the new servicer the check to be endorsed.