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What are the benefits of a Wyndham Capital refinance loan?

A mortgage refinance is the process of revising and replacing the terms of an existing mortgage. Borrowers tend to refinance to save on their monthly mortgage payment, consolidate their debt and/or lower their current interest rate.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, there are even more benefits that come with a Wyndham Capital refinance loan.

Complete an Application at Your Convenience

When refinancing with Wyndham Capital, applying online can offer a simple and convenient process. You can fill out our digital application when and where you want. Start the application when the kids are doing homework – and finish it when you find a few minutes between clients. All you need is internet access and a computer or smartphone.

Refinance with Speed and Accuracy

You can upload your important documents virtually, which enables Wyndham Capital loan officers to gather and analyze your information ahead of time. This way, when you have your first call with a loan officer, you’re already ahead in the process – and one step closer to refinancing your home loan.

Get Savings Passed on to You

Wyndham Capital offers value to borrowers. We manage to cut waste and junk fees from the traditional mortgage lending process and pass those saving on to you.

Know Who You are Working With

At Wyndham Capital, we understand your time is valuable. That’s why we handle all aspects of the loan process in house from application to close. This way, you know who you’re working with and have peace of mind your important documents won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Benefit from Our Digital Advantage

Our award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics take care of menial tasks when processing your refinance. While the technology is working, we focus our attention on giving you a great mortgage refinance experience.

Enjoy Simple eClosing Options

When it comes time to close on your refinance, you can sign your documents from anywhere. Lengthy appointments filled with ink and paperwork are a thing of the past. eClosing means you can close when and where it works for you.